We have not raised our prices in hopes the rates would go down, but they have only gotten higher. Due to this, along with inflation affecting nearly all our costs, we have no choice but to implement this temporary surcharge.

The increases are beyond cost levels we can absorb and are also beyond our control.

We understand this is short notice, but we have no choice since all previously placed open orders are being produced and shipped with us incurring these new costs. Orders that are scheduled to ship from us before 7/1 will not incur the surcharge, and we will absorb the cost.

If you have an order with us that is scheduled to ship later than 7/1/22, the 15% surcharge will apply. We understand this is an unpredicted change and we are trying to give as much notice as possible. We understand if you wish to cancel your backorder. We ask that any cancellations be made in writing by June 21, 2022; otherwise, we will assume the order is good and you agree to the pending price increase.

The rates are proving to be unpredictable and unprecedented. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we all work to get through this together. As soon as rates return to a reasonable level, the surcharge will no longer need to be implemented.

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